Disclaimer No. 1

Day xxx – Introduction (Part 1)

Before I start with the posting about life in Peru, I need to get two disclaimers out of the way.

The first is this…

Several of these blog postings will be discussing aspects of life down here in Peru that are different than what I am used to when I was living in the United States. I lived in the States for forty-two years and became accustomed to certain things. Those things are not the same here in Peru.

In making note of these differences, I am in no way trying to be imperial, colonial, ethnocentric, superior, a cultural snob, or any other term you can think of that makes me a putz.

In making note of these differences, I am only attempting to use my powers as on observer so that I may share them with you, the dear and gentle reader. Because while this exercise in bloggin’ is one aspect to help me find a purpose, my hope is that other people will read it other than my loving family (that is when I make my loving family sit down and read it).

About sinpolaris

sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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  1. I am interested to begin reading about your life there. I am American, currently living in South Korea; however, I speak fluent Spanish and one day would like to live in South America somewhere, so trying to get a feel of the other countries, especially from an American’s perspective. Good luck in your venture, it should be interesting!

  2. I can’t wait to begin the journey . . .

  3. I remember a little boy who would play this on a toy keyboard over & over! Too bad he wouldn’t take lessons on a piano or organ that his parents wanted to get for him with the caveat that he take the lessons. XXOO

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