Why The Title

Day xxx – Introduction (Part 3)

As you have no doubt noticed, the title of this here blog is “Sin Polaris”.

Why that title?

Sin Polaris means “without the Pole Star” and in the literal sense this is true for me because as I now live south of the Equator (in Lima, Peru), I can no longer see the North Star that I have known for the forty-two years I have been around. Early mariners of the Northern Hemisphere always knew where north was during their nighttime voyages, so they knew how to find the other cardinal directions, and thus home. Once a ship sailed south of the Equator, those on board could no longer see Polaris and were capable of being lost.

In a metaphorical sense, I am like those navigators of old as I have travelled and lost my pole star.

The family and I have moved to Lima (nickname: The City of Kings) in late July to help my wife pursue a fabulous opporunity for her career and to give our three children the amazing chance to experince a new culture.

As for me, I left my job of seven years and my career of sixteen to help make this dream true. For the first time since 1992, I am without a job.

I am unemployed. I’m in a country I have never been before. I don’t speak the language. I’m the primary care-giver for our kids.

I am wondering what the next few years will bring.

I am looking for a purpose. I am looking for a new pole star to guide me.

I am sin Polaris.


About sinpolaris

sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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