Day 001 Randomocity

Day 001 – July 23, 2011

Random Observations…

When Did Shepard Fairey Come to Lima?

While driving around the environs of Lima, I saw a piece of graffiti / street art that reminded me of the “Obey” posters featuring the likeness of wrestler Andre the Giant.

The top of the “poster” had the word USURA and the bottom had the words “Todo Quiere” on it. What caught my eye, however, was that the middle of the poster contained the stenciled representation of the television character Eddie Munster. I would show you a picture, but I couldn’t whip my camera out fast enough. However, this blogger did so you can see for yourself.

What could it possibly mean?

Are You Ready For Some Fubtol?

On this Saturday, I was out in our backyard inspecting the various flora that I and our family would now inherit and that I would desperately attempt to not kill with my black thumb. While ambling around the “Back 40” (and here I refer to feet instead of the traditional acres), there suddenly arose a simultaneous roaring, whooping, and yelling from the three homes that neighbor ours.

What could possibly be happening that would elicit such a concurrent cacophony?

Duh…soccer, or futbol as it is known here.

Only later did I learn that the game that was going on was the match where the Peruivan national team defeated the Venezulean squad 4-1 to take third place in the 2011 Copa America.

This was such a big game that an editorial cartoon a few days later in a Peruvian newspaper had the question “What do you think the new government will do?” and one panel had a Peruvian soccer fan exclaiming, “I don’t care. I’m simply happy that the Venezuleans won’t win anything in Copa!” (at least I think that’s what it said, our author says, invoking Disclaimer No. 2)

And with that, Day 001 was finished.

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