Starting the Day on a Roll

Day 002 – July 24, 2011

Sunday dawned gray and hazy, which is the typical weather pattern for winter in Lima.

Yes, I said “winter” even thought it is July. Remember, gentle reader, that I am now currently south of the Equator and (recalling your 5th grade science classes) the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. This means I will have no autumn in the year 2011. I lived in the States from January to July going through winter then spring then summer and then I jumped straight to winter when we all made the move to Peru. Come September, I will move back into spring and then summer will arrive for me in December.

I am sort of like the ultimate dream of a tightrope walker…a year without a fall. [and the rimshot goes here]


Before moving on with the details of our second day in Lima, I must give my compliments to the O’Ryans. One of the responsibilities of being a Work Sponsor is that they came to our house before we arrived and prepared the home with various items so that we would not enter a completely empty abode. Before our shopping adventure with the O’Ryans yesterday, we were able to enjoy a breakfast of eggs and cereal with the food and kitchen equipment they brought in. I give my profound thanks to the O’Ryans for making us feel welcome.

In addition to our Work Sponsors helping us out, my wife’s company’s Office of Housing, back in May, sent us a survey to determine what type of materials we would need in our house. We were asked how many children we had so they knew how many beds we need. They asked if we were bringing any furniture and any pets. The survey had plenty of other questions to determine our likes and dislikes. I thank the Office of Housing for their assistance in helping us find a house, but I would like to suggest that they add one item to their survey.

In their section on Preferences, please add a question concerning…

toilet paper: ___over-the-roll or ___behind-the-roll?

It took me a good fifteen minutes on this Sunday to change all the rolls in the house because we are definitely an…

Toilet paper in the over-the-roll configuration

The true and proper configuration

…over-the-roll family.

(What is it with Mr. Humes and his stories about the bathroom?)


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