Roadside Attractions

Day 002 – July 24, 2011

The O’Ryans had not been scared away by our Saturday outing and they were more than gracious in coming back for a second day of taking us out for another shopping adventure. This time we would be going to Jockey Plaza and I was curious to know why a Peruvian shopping center would be named after a clothing company famous for its underwear.

To arrive at this location, we had to drive through Ovalo Monitor, which also goes by the nickname of “The Circle of Death”, which I wrote about earlier. In that previous post, I wrote that due to the light Friday night traffic, this roundabout seemed more like a “Circle of Mild-Grade Fever”. However, on this Sunday afternoon, this stretch of circular asphalt now completely lived up its name.

To give a fair representation for anyone living in the United States and who has not travelled abroad, I can’t think of a similar piece of roadway in America for you to relate to. You enter this roundabout from any of the four cardinal directions. There are no stop lights and no traffic signs, so you enter on your own and try and quickly match the flow of incoming traffic without hitting the onrushing autos. Once caught in the maelstrom of rotating cars, you have to contend with the cars in your flow in addition to those cars entering the Ovalo. To exit the roundabout, you have to cut across traffic and open yourself up to being T-boned by a wayward car.

Nothing (and I will say it again…nothing) has prepared me for this driving situation. Not even my hours spent playing Spy Hunter.

To my mind, the only thing that keeps serious accidents and injuries to a minimum is the fact that speeds are so slow due to the traffic that most car collisions are fender-benders.

Once we passed through this rite of passage, it was while I was looking at the billboards on the side of the road that I realized there is a difference between someone telling you something (“Hey, Socrates, hemlock is poisonous!“) and actually experiencing it…

The Death of Socrates

Hmmm...nutty overtones with a hint of basil

Such was the feeling I had, while looking at these particular roadside advertisements, which were promoting future concerts. An ex-co-worker, who hailed from Peru, had told me before I left that Lima was becoming the “go-to” place for big-time musical acts. Wouldn’t you know it, she was right.

Just on this drive, there were billboards for the following concerts…

Avril Lavigne (July 20);
Red Hot Chili Peppers (September 14);
Erasure (August 19); and
Tears for Fears (September 28)

If I was into live music, this would be the place for me.

However, the last concert I saw was Sting in 1991 at Red Rocks Arena in Colorado (it was good…thanks for asking).



If there was any doubt about the draw of the “City of Kings” for musical acts, those should be put aside as these folks are now coming to Lima also…

Britney Spears (November 24);
Rod Stewart (October 15); and
Justin Bieber will coming to Lima on October 17.

(Which, by the way, is a Monday. Don’t these kids who will attend the concert have to go to school the next day?)


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