Day 002 Randomocity

Day 002 – July 24, 2011

Random Observations

Creating Sparks: Part One

Even though we brought eleven bags of luggage with us to Peru, we did not bring several items that our children wanted. That precious cargo would have to wait until our Air Shipment arrived in a few weeks. Of course, I am speaking of electronic devices, such as video game consoles and a television.

Sans Nintendo and Sony, what would my children do. Let my say that again in my best Karl Malden impersonation, what would they do

They became creative, that’s what they did. They played board games like Uno and Cranium Lunch Munch. They used the crayons, markers, pens, and pencils that we did bring with us in our luggage and they made all sorts of drawings and pictures.

(Due to ongoing copyright litigation, none of those pictures may be uploaded onto this blog. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

They ran around outside in our backyard and made all sorts of new games with whatever items they did have on hand. It made a parent’s heart swell with pride to see that spark of creativity light up in my kids as they create their own unique brand fun with only a broom and a flying disk.

That pride then bursts once they start using the broom to hit each other.

Creating Sparks: Part Two

We could only rely on our children’s creativity for so long. At some point, we had to give in and let watch a movie on the one of the DVDs we brought with us. Both machines were running low on battery so we had to charge them up. Now, for the non-traveller, Peru, like most of the world, uses an electrical voltage (220v) that is different from the United States (110v). Like Syria and democracy, these two voltage systems do not mix. Plugging in a 110v machine into a 220v is akin to some type of simile that I cannot think of, but the result is bad…and with lots of smoke.

To prevent the mixing of different voltages, our house had come equipped with small electrical transformers that would, through the magic of inductive coupling change the 220 voltage to 110 volts. I’m guessing this is done via subtraction and the excess voltage is donated.

All well and good except we forgot about another issue. The transformer used a 3-pin plug and Peru’s outlets are for 2-pin plugs. Luckily, again, our house had been stocked with adapters, so my lovely wife slapped on a 2-pin adapter to the transformer plug and stuck the whole klugdy thing into the outlet.

However, since the adapter was not completely secured to the 3-pin plug, this happened.

(Alright…maybe not that shocking, but there were sparks.)

Sticky Business

We are going to be in Lima, Peru for some time and so the process began today to make this our home.

My wife and daughter (our youngest child) spent a good part of the morning unpacking her backpack and taking out the decals that decorated her old room. They unpeeled them from their protective casing and began to place them around her concrete walls, like so…

Picture of decals in daughter's room

Unicorns and fairy dust not included

As I’ve said before, it is the little things.

It is those little things that, day by day, will make this house our family home. It is those little things, my wife and I hope, that will fill our family with tons of memories that will make our children remember this time in Peru and smile…even that time when their mother almost shocked herself into a new hairdo just so they could watch The Karate Kid.

And with that, Day 002 was finished.


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