Where Fans Truly Light Up

Day 003 – July 25, 2011

Saw an item in the Peruvian newspaper, El Comercio, about the renovations done to a major stadium in Lima called Estadio Nacional.

As part of the renovations, lights were installed on the outside facade of the building. I have no pictures, but these other websites (here and here) have good examples of the illumination of which I speak.

What makes these lights special, according to the article, is that they flash, flicker, and change colors depending on the mood of the fans. There are numerous sensors located throughout the stadium (e.g., pressure sensors in seats, motion sensors in the roof) that can detect whether fans are standing, sitting, or jumping around wildly in their seats. Based on this input, the lights on the outside will change color and location so that anyone passing by the stadium would be able to tell what is happening on the inside.

Way cool.

I wonder if the designers of that system received their inspiration from this concert held at Wyoming’s Devils Tower in 1977.


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