Day 003 Randomocity

Day 003 – July 25, 2011

Random Observations

Would You Like Some Meal With Your Fat?

Took the kids out to lunch today. Yes, it would have been lovely had I stayed home and cooked up a healthy nutritious afternoon meal for my brood, but it’s also nice to leave the house, stretch the legs, and see what serendipity has to offer outside your front door.

Un arbol

Can you find the metal pole?

Don’t buy any of the previous paragraph, because, in truth, I was lazy and it’s easier to have someone else do the cooking.

That’s how found ourself at KFC.

Point of order here: I am of an age where I remember when the name of Colonel Sanders’s business was Kentucky Fried Chicken and regardless of why the name was changed, I shall always know this establishment by its longer, original appellation. It is this strange compulsion that forces me to ignore the names of Willis Tower, Qualcomm Stadium, and President’s Day and call these items by their rightful names of Sears Tower, Jack Murphy Stadium, and George Washington’s Birthday.

Back at KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken and the only reason I bring it up is due to the large banner attached to the side of the restaurant.

Picture of a Double Down banner for KFC

Bread? We don't need no stinking bread!

There have been earlier news reports in the States about the Double Down sandwich so the fact that there exists a food product consisting of cheese and bacon sandwiched between two fried pieces of chicken is nothing new.

What was new to me was the fact that I had never seen this item advertised so publicly at any Kentucky Fried Chicken store.

By the way, (see Disclaimer No. 2) the translation of the banner reads “Listen to the voice of your hunger.” It should read “Listen to the sound of your heart clogging.”

Double by the way…no one in the family ordered it.

You Can’t Hear Me Now

Speaking of serendipity (about nine paragraphs ago), our quartet of an outing saw this sight…

A phone booth

Along with the typewriter, another thing my kids can't identify

The next five minutes were then spent in a lesson on history and technology as their old wise father told them about the days of yore when people had their telephonic communications while outside their house by using these devices called “pay phones” where you had to drop in a dime to make your call.

My kids listen patiently and try to avoid rolling their eyes just as they do when I regale them with tales about mimeographs, record players, and Adam West’s portrayal of Batman.

However, laugh all I want about the fact that there are pay phones out on the streets of Peru, we almost would have been forced to use one because during the night, our landline phone service abruptly cut out. The helpful recorded message informed us that our bill had not been paid.

And with that, Day 003 was finished.


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