Day 004 Randomocity

Day 004 – July 26, 2011

Random Observations

SIM City

Yesterday, I fell off that metaphorical bicycle called “communication” and today I hopped right back on as I went back to the telecommunications kiosk by our local grocery store to purchase a SIM card for my mobile phone.

I was confident. I was poised. I was determined.

I was also only still speaking English and simple Spanish. So while I was able to purchase the requested bit of hardware (yeah me!), I was not able to have the woman at the kiosk (even through gestures and drawing doodles on nearby paper) tell me how to put money on the SIM card.

Well, actually, let’s be fair here. She probably was telling me how to add money to my card, but I couldn’t understand her.

One step at a time, I guess.

That Which is Not Prohibited is Mandatory

We live on one side of a mountain that separates us from downtown Lima proper. To travel into the City of Kings, we need to cross over this mountain. However, to do this, the pass that the city engineers have…um…engineered is as crazy, convoluted, and twisted as a bobsled run. Here’s a clip from Google Maps of the road of which I speak…

Google Maps image of twisty road in Lima, Peru

Not a map of your lower intestine

What the map above fails to convey is that at the 180-degree turn, the slope of the road is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. This may not seem like a lot, but it is quite unnerving to be taking that turn and that slope in a taxi that is also a Chevy Chevette that may or may not have had its brakes checked at any time in this century.

In my trip today down this meandering road, I came to realize that this stretch of asphalt is so steep and twisty that someone must have tried to skateboard down this calle at one time. It is the only reason that this roadside sign exists…

Sign prohibiting skateboarding down SkateboardHill

Spanish translation is "Don't Even Think About It"

For the same reason that warning labels exist telling people not to iron a shirt while still wearing it or to not place your cell phone in a microwave to dry it, those “Don’t” signs exist because someone in the past has done it…and usually with disastrous results.

It’s a good thing that today some Tony Hawk-wannabe didn’t press his luck and fail while I was on this twisty, bendy road, since I wouldn’t have been able to call for help because my phone doesn’t work.

And with that, Day 004 was finished.

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