Old School

Day 005 – July 27, 2011

The family and I currently live in Lima, Peru.

For the past dozen years, we lived in northern Virginia.

I am originally from southern California.

This exposition was brought to you by the makers of the cardboard box: Don’t move home without them.

The above travelogue also will help shed light on today’s topic: schools.

On this fine Wednesday, my lovely wife and I took our three children to the School here in Lima where they would be continuing their educational pursuits. We thought it would be a good idea for them to tour the facility where they would be spending the next ### years learning about whatever it is children learn about these days.

At the School, the first thing that struck me was how much this place of learning resembled the schools I attended. As noted above, I hail originally from Southern California, and all the schools I attended were of the “outdoor” variety. By “outdoor”, I mean that while all the classes are inside, one has to walk outside in the elements to move from one classroom to another. To give you a visual, think of any television show or movie where the setting is a California school (e.g., Beverly Hills 90210 [any version], Zoey 101, or even the worst movie ever made, Can’t Buy Me Love) and you will know of what I speak of.

Aside: When I attended college in the Midwest, folks from that region of the States would always ask me, after describing to them my “outdoor” school, what I did when it rained and had to go from class to class. My answer was “I got wet”. End Aside.

My children, having been educated in Virgina, knew nothing of such a layout for a school. They have only known “indoor” schools where the lockers are in hallways and one never has to step out into the snow, wind, ice, and rain (and on some winter days, all four) to change classes.

Now, at this School, my children will finally understand my ravings whenever I talk about an “outdoor” school and they will know what it was like how I went to school.

The irony to the above is that I went to a school that was the opposite of my father’s. He, despite growing up in Los Angeles, went to an “indoor” school, so I never had any clue what he was talking about when he spoke of such a school – much in the same way that my kids had no idea about my school experience.

Now, my children will know what it like to have gone to both an “outdoor” and an “indoor” school. Not exactly the mind-broadening, culture-expanding, international experience we had when we decided to move to Lima, but we’re sure the other parts will come later. (Gimme a break – it’s only Day 005)


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  1. Some of my schools back in FL were of the outdoor variety– always a ton of fun when we got the remnants of whatever tropical storm was blowing through, with sandbags around all the classroom doors. But they were preferable to at least some of the indoor schools, which had constant mold problems.

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