Day 005 Randomocity

Day 005 – July 27, 2011

Random Observations

What Gets Wetter The More It Dries?

Lima is a humid place. However, it’s a dry humid (and allow me to add that phrase to this list of oxymorons).

I’ve been to places like Biloxi (Mississippi), Houston (Texas), and Chicago (Illinois) where the humidity is so think and moist that when you step outside you feel like you’ve been hit in the face by a wet towel. The issue in those places is that the heat exacerbates the ambient moisture in the air. That’s a wet humid.

Lima, this time of year, is cold and so your skin does not feel the humidity as much as it would if the mercury was well above 80. However, even though your skin may not feel the humidity, it is still humid and so the moisture hangs in the air dampening all it touches.

Our problem with the dry humidity concerns our bathing towels. Back home in the friendly confines of northern Virginia, we would simply hang our towels in the bathroom to dry. This approach does not work here as the humidity keeps the towels from drying. Quite the soggy feeling after a shower to be hit in the face with a damp towel.

Our solution, once again, comes from my lovely and practical wife, who now suggests that we place our towels in our laundry dryer every day and air-dry them.

Day by day, in every way, I’m learning to do something new.

Meet Bert

This is Bert:

Bert the Cactus

He's prickly, but friendly

Bert is a cactus that lives in our backyard. My task is to ensure that over the next ### years, I do not kill Bert.

Wish Bert well.

Cue That Beatles Song

While at the School with my children, I was admiring the well-kept lawns when I noticed a phenomenon I had not witnessed in the outdoors of Lima since we arrived…I saw a shadow!!!

If there was a shadow, that must mean that the sun was out. Glancing quickly skyward, I was able to snatch a brief glimpse of the bright yellow orb our planet revolves around. Yes, for the first time in the quintet of days since we arrived in the City of Kings, the sun was visible.

Five minutes later, it was back behind the omnipresent haze for good for this Wednesday.

Well, better to have sunned and lost then to have never sunned at all.

First Real Peruano Night Out

For dinner, the family and I decided to be adventurous and dine out in a Peruvian restaurant. Going over our scorecard for our first foursome of nights in Peru…

Night 1: Pizza Hut
Night 2: Lasgna provided by the O’Ryans
Night 3: Spaghetti
Night 4: Pardo’s Chicken delivered

…this would turn out to be our first real peruano night out dining experience.

We walked around our neighborhood stopping to look at menu after menu being displayed by the fine restaurants we visited. We finally settled on Don Mamino’s, a lovely and quaint cafe/restaurant/bakery/gelatto-emporium.

It was here that I saw the adage that in Latin cultures, the lunch is the heavier meal, while dinner (or cena in Castellano) is a lighter affair. This is the opposite for our family. So I’m sure I amused some onlookers as I ordered and devoured my gnocci while they supped on their small finger sandwiches and sipped their coffee.

I’m also over six feet tall, have close-cropped hair, am incredibly pale of skin, have an incredibly beautiful wife, and was sitting with three of most precious, cute children the world has ever known…so they may have been staring at that rather than my pasta covered in meat sauce.

And with that, Day 005 was finished


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