Like the Waterfall City Library

Day 006 – July 28, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, Lima, Peru, is a humid place.

For reference, please note that for today, which is a little over a month after the winter solstice here, the maximum humidity level was 88%, the minimum was 61% and the average was 78%. For those who like even more numbers, the dew point was 58 degrees.

By the way, changing this temperature from Farenheit to Celsius is known as the dew point conversion and meteorologists only use it when they’re down by 1, 2, 5, or 9. (rimshot)

For comparison, in Houston, Texas, on January 28, 2011, (a month after the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere…and my goodness that is a great deal of commas in the preceding clause), the average humidity was 40% (max: 61%, min: 19%) and the dew point was 38 degrees.

Yeppers, Lima is humid.

To cope with the humidity, I now have a routine and I would like to introduce you to the latest bit of hardware in the house:

Picture of dehumidifier

Sorry...can't think of a funny thing to say about this object

This is a Miray Deshumedecedor, Model DM-186H and we have two of them around the homestead to draw the incessant moisture out of the air. The water, once drawn, collects in a bin at the bottom of the machine. My job, every morning when I wake up and every evening before bed, is to empty out the water from said collection bins. The dehumidifiers are supposed to turn off automatically once they are full, but this is not 100% guaranteed as we have already found out once.

If you think a new puppy leaves a puddle when not attended to, it has nothing on a Miray Deshumedecedor, Model DM-186H. Thankfully, the floors where the dehumidifiers rest are non-carpeted, so a few towels soaked up the mess.

This AM and PM duty of mine reminded me of a character in one of the books I would read to our kids before bedtime. The book, Dinotopia, is by James Gurney and the artwork alone is worth the price of admission for this book.

One of the characters is Nallab, one of the assistant librarians for the Library in Waterfall City, one of the cities on the island of Dinotopia. As the narrator of the story, Arthur Denison, is walking around the Library with Nallab, Arthur writes…

In each room there is a fireplace. “Dratted mildew,” Nallab grumbled. “A constant battle to keep the scrolls dry. A waterfall is a nasty place for a library.” He set to poking at logs while I scanned the shelves…

As I clean out the water from the bins every 12 hours, I feel like Nallab in my constant battle to keep our clothes and towels dry.

To finish, this may not be the first blog posting to ever mention Peru’s humidity, but I would wager a fair amount of nuevo soles that it’s the first one to make reference to Dinotopia and/or Nallab.

Yeah, me!


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