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Day 008 – July 30, 2011

The following observation comes courtesy of my lovely wife.

There is a pair of reasons why this topic did not originate with me on this Saturday. The first is that since I am endowed with a Y chromosome, I have a genetic predisposition to be blinded to all things regarding fashion. Not only do I personally believe that stripes and solids can match, I am firmly atheistic on the entire principle of matching.

What my wife noticed, on this particular outing to our local grocery store, was the fashion of the other women cruising the aisles. This sartorial sense of the señoras was a tad different from the clothes that grace State-side women, especially those perusing the pears and peppers in the produce section.

First, a mild disclaimer. This completely un-scientific survey suffers from a small sample size and an imbalance in the socioeconomic status of those who were indeed observed.

With the above disclaimer, here is what my wife pointed out to me.

One) Women here do not, as a rule, wear sneakers. This comfortable bit of footwear seems to be zapato non grata in our environs of Peru. The shoe of choice appears to be the boot. Leather or suede, ankle-high or knee-high, with or without heels, the boot is the shoe of the Lima fashionista.

Two) Females wear their pants tighter. I’m not just talking about jeans, but all types of leggings. Be it any material or any body type, as a rule, the fit appears to be quite snug. In Peru, there is no such thing as “mommy jeans“.

As this is a blog and a visual medium, it probably would be helpful to have some pictures to showcase examples of the above-mentioned pair of observations. However, using the gray cells that I possess, I surmised that a foreigner following women in an attempt to photograph their backsides would be a quick way to attract the attention of the local police (or men with fists bigger than mine). I have three broad goals for this Peruvian adventure with my family…

a) Come home in one piece
b) Have fun
c) Avoid sparking an international incident

…and clicking photos of female curvature seemed like a good way to violate two of those goals.

So use your imagination to picture of what I speak, or come on down to Lima and see for yourself the female fashion flair.

Oh…and the second reason this topic of observation did not originate with me was because, as a blissfully married man, I am incapable of noticing other women.

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  1. I am in awe of the ladies who do their grocery shopping in three-inch heels. I wear sneakers, and I still regularly slide and stumble on slick patches of sidewalk and floor. I don’t know what magic they are using to remain upright.

  2. “…as a blissfully married man, I am incapable of noticing other women.”

    Admirable, sir. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to put on such a chivalrous face all the time anymore…as a recent blog post by MY wife can attest: http://blackgirlinmaine.com/personal-growth/a-crush-oh-my/

    However, I too wish to avoid international incidents and pummeling of my face…and I don’t live anywhere near Peru…so I can’t help with the photo thing.

    I tried to assist using my vaunted Google Image searching skills, but could not find pictures of women shopping in tight pants who have ample um…tuchus action.

    Oddly, though, this came up high in that search:

  3. Interesting side note about your last link. There is a billboard here in Lima with a woman in a Wonder Woman-esque costume. The best my mental translation engine can come up with is that it is an ad for fighting breast cancer with the tagline “I am my own hero”. I couldn’t find an image, but not for lack of trying and there’s no way in Hades I’m taking my hands off the steering wheel of my car while driving in this choas to snap a photo.

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