Day 009 Randomocity

Day 009 – July 31, 2011

Random Observations

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Our house is wonderful and our house is great. It keeps the elements out and it provides a place for us to store our stuff.

With that being said, our house has quirks.

The first has to do with the lighting. This dwelling has a multitude of LED (light emitting diodes) lights strewn about the walls and ceilings. See for yourself:

Picture of an LED light

LED #1


Second picture of LED light

LED #2

I’m not accustomed to having LED lights as the primary source of illumination in a house. In the daytime, it’s not that important as our house an open airy feeling and plenty of windows (even if they don’t work), but the house can be a bit dark once the sun goes down. As our house has no large, main lighting fixture, it can feel a tad cave-like in the evening. Not a complaint, merely an observation.

The light switches that control these LEDs have also taken some getting used to. They are not the up-and-down style switches I am used. They are of the side-to-side version (see below).

Light switch in a house in Lima, Peru

Hey, why has my daughter not made her bed?

As you can see in the picture above, there is no helpful text such as “ON” and “OFF” (or their Spanish equivalents) that tell you what the status of the electrical circuit is. Is “left” on or is it “right”? To add to the confusion is the fact that multiple switches can operate the same LED.

I really don’t need any more ambiguity as our house has enough mysteries.

However, the largest quirk that I have discovered to date concerns the keys. In our bedroom hallway, we have a wall that is comprised of  drawers and shelves. Each door has its own lock. Each lock has its own key. However…

Establishing shot of bedroom closet

No lions or witches to be found within

Close up of keys for bedroom closet

In Spanish, the word for "key" is "llave"

…every key is exactly the same. One key can open up every lock and yet we have a dozen of that key.

Good Neighbors

If the cliché is true that good fences make good neighbors, then we have excellent neighbors as we have excellent fences. More specifically, we have brick walls twice my height…

Picture of wall and electrified fence in house in Lima, Peru

All in all, it's just another...

…and topped with electrified wiring.

Picture of warning for electric fence

We have ours set to "Super Crispy"

Friends and family, please do not worry as we are nothing special. This set-up (high, high walls and electric fences) is de rigueur (which is French for “par for the course”) for Lima.

Discovering What Has Been Forgotten

After nine days and having gone through and sorted all the contents of our eleven suitcases, we have, to date, catalogued the following items as missing and presumably lost.

a) My lovely wife has one slipper, but cannot find its match.
b) A charger for a cellular phone, which in retrospect we shouldn’t have brought since it most likely doesn’t work outside of the States. However, as I mentioned before, the process of moving can be stressful.

If you find them or have any clues about their whereabouts, please contact us.

And with that, Day 009 was finished.


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