Guess That Object

Day 010 – August 1, 2011

It’s time for the inaugural episode of a soon-to-be Sin Polaris classic, Guess That Object.

In my walks along the roadside of my neighborhood, this object, made of rebar, is ubiquitous among the homes I pass. There is even one in our front lawn. Can you Guess That Object?

Unknown Object Number One

Lawn ornament, perhaps?

The answer is…well, I have absolutely no clue what its true technical name is…but this elevated rectangle of metal is where people place their garbage so it can be picked up by the municipal authorities.

In my time here, I had noticed a remarkable dearth of garbage cans in neighborhoods and now I know why. They’re not needed. Folks simply pile their bags of garbage on these platforms and the garbage trucks come each day and spirit them away.

Yes…each day, except Sunday, the city garbage truck rolls down the street and collects the refuse of the day. This is probably another reason why people don’t have garbage cans around here because with a daily pickup, there’s not enough time to amass such a large amount of basura (that’s Spanish for garbage) so a can is not necessary.

Scoring is as follows: If you identified the object as a…

…receptacle for garbage, award yourself 30 points;

…an analog television antenna, award yourself 15 points;

…a place where people can test to see if their luggage will fit in the overhead bin, award yourself 10 points; and

…all other guesses earn 5 points.


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