It’s an Anagram of “Realist”

Day 011 – August 2, 2011

I learned a new word today courtesy of Manuel (you remember him from the previous posting about shower taps).

Since I had someone in my home who was more knowledgeable than I had about handy-man type stuff (which is also about 87.6% of the general population [citation needed]), I took a chance and asked him about a phenomenon I had noticed around our house.

By the baseboards around our house, we had seen that either the stucco was bubbling off the wall or it had already flaked off.

Picture of salitre

Honest, I haven't been playing with the heat gun

Picture of salitre

Ewww...wall scabies

I pointed out these examples of our imperfect walls to Manuel and he simply said one word:


Manuel said this lone word while pushing out his lower lip and nodding his head as if meeting an old foe for the umpteenth time.

Courtesy of the fantastic humidity that hangs around Lima, water vapor seeps behind the stucco condenses into liquid and causes it to pull away from the wall. That’s just one of the myriad of reasons I discovered as to why this could be happening because as much as Manuel tried to explain it to me, I was helpless to understand what he was saying.

Curse my lack of Spanish. Then again, discussion about humidity, water condensation, and stucco never came up in the Spanish exercises I did in eighth grade. Now, had I wanted to talk to Manuel about who was dancing with Mary at the fiesta, I would have been fine.

Found out that later (courtesy of our OFF, the Valenzeulas) that much like the characters in Waiting for Godot, there is “nothing to be done”. Fixing it now would be a temporary fix as the phenomenon will only come back. Better to wait for a while when a vast majority of the baseboards look like zombie flesh before calling in the repairmen.


It’s Day 011, and I’m accepting things as they come in.


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  1. So THAT’s what causes it! We have that on almost every wall in our apartment– it looks bizarre with the wallpaper, as if there are things tunneling underneath it.

    • I’m no handy-man, so my above description is my best guess as to why it’s happening. Another friend of ours said it’s more of a mess to have people come to clean it up and fix it up. Advice given to us was to treat it like it was a scab….don’t pick at it. Not the most appealing visual, I grant you, but good advice.

      • A lot of ours ends up right at eye level, because we have tile halfway up the wall. But the mish-mash of different tile patterns and eye-gouging 70s wallpapers means it hardly matters– even without the wall bubbling, it’s not like our walls would be pretty.

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