Day 011 Randomocity

Day 011 – August 2, 2011

Random Observations

My Daughter, The Rule Stickler

The slaughter at the hands of my daughter at the game of Mille Bornes continues.

Game #4 was played today and after the fifth hand, the score was Daughter: 5,000 – Me: 4,975.

As I started to deal the cards out for the sixth, and final, hand, my daughter stopped me and said she had won. I countered that the winner of Mille Bornes was the player who had the highest total over 5,000 points after a hand. As she had only 5,000 (and not over 5,000), I contended that we needed to play another hand to see who would end the hand above the 5K mark.

That’s when she brought out the big guns…the rule book.

Hard to believe that after forty-plus years of this game migrating across the United States (California, Illinois, Minnesota, Utah, Virginia) and the world (that would be Peru, where we are now), that the rule booklet is still in this package, but it is, and there it was, in faded black-and-white…

The final object of the game is to be the first team to accumulate a total of 5,000 points…

…my daughter’s salvation and her fourth consecutive win.

I am seriously thinking about having this game go “missing”.

And did I mention that my daughter is less than ten years old?

The Chatty Cabbie

Yet another story about cabs in Lima.

When I wasn’t having my head handed to me by my daughter via a card game, we were running errands. As we were still without our vehicle, we were still relying on the kindness of cabbies.

For the past ten days, my interaction with cab drivers has been limited to telling them where I want to go (“Yo quiero a ir a…”), asking how much the fare will be (“¿Cuanto me cobra?”), and inquiring into their general state of well being (“¿Como estas?”).

On our way back home from our latest errand, my general conversation was thrown for a loop as we encountered The Chatty Cabbie (TCC). After my initial trio of statements, TCC asked me where I was from, how long had I been in Peru, how was I liking his country, and was the weather too cold for me.

This loquacious and gregarious hack provided me with the opportunity (as I was a captive audience) to flex my language chops so I was able to tell him (as best I could) that I was from los Estados Unidos, I had been in Peru for once dias (eleven days) and that me gusta su pais (I liked his country).

In addition to being able to practice my Spanish, I learned something from TCC. As we passed by a local agricultural school, TCC informed me that over 100 types of potatoes are grown there and that Peru is the birthplace of the potato.

Fascinating what you learn from the people in your neighborhood.

And with that, Day 011 was finished

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