The Tooth Fairy Visits

Day 013 – August 4, 2011

Last night, our middle child was quite excited.

Let me make one thing perfect clear: He was not exciting over the prospect that the next day was his first day at his new School. Nope, not a chance about being exciting over that.

He was excited because he had lost a tooth and that meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Now, we like to think of ourselves as fairly progressive and science-based parents. As our kids our growing up, we taught them that thunder was not caused by giants playing bowling; rainbows were not caused by pots of gold; the stars in the night sky were not pinpricks in the canopy of Heaven; and so on.

I firmly believe that the wonder of the natural of the world is magical enough as it is without embellishment from fairies, unicorns, chupacabras, or it being turtles all the way down. Those elements of fantasy are fine to have and can do wonders to fire up a child’s imagination, but it must be made clear (so I say) that those elements of fantasy are just that – fantasy.

Electricity, gravity, natural selection, quantum mechanics, physics, history, astronomy, and cosmology (to name a few) are infinitely fascinating to me and I desperately want to impart my love and curiosity for learning about the natural world to them. I know I can see my children’s eyes roll into their heads when I being one of my lectures as to how a microwave oven works, why the Moon looks larger on the horizon, and why the number 13 is considered unlucky (to name a few), but I am trying to convey a more important message.

And yet…

And yet, through all of this instruction as to how the world works, my lovely wife and I have gleefully told our progeny the story of how the Tooth Fairy comes to children’s beds and leaves money under their pillows in exchange for their recently lost teeth.

It is the exception to our rule and I can’t fully explain it.

Our oldest child has become wise to our game, our youngest child still believes, but as for our middle child, he is on the fence. He thinks he knows what is really going on, but he is still entranced by the possibility that maybe…just maybe…

Whether true or not, he was excited last night that he would receive the Tooth Fairy’s usual bounty of $1.00 (the going rate for our family…your mileage may differ).

This morning he was a tad chagrined to find S/.2.70 under his pillow, which is the nuevo soles equivalent of one dollar.

What did you expect?…the Tooth Fairy works with the local currency. Everyone knows that.

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  1. We not only do the Tooth Fairy but also have a Birthday Fairy who leaves a gift in the fairy ring outside our house. After some trees were removed and the fairy ring destroyed in the process, not sure how that will work this coming July (hoping it will grow back). Not sure how old she’ll be before she realizes the Birthday Fairy’s name (yes, she leaves a note each year) is her mom’s full name spelled backwards…

  2. My daughter would be awestruck to know that you guys had a fairy ring outside your house.

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