Four Syllables, Lots of Humor

Day 013 – August 4, 2011

I’m in our local grocery store, avoiding the sponsor-emblazoned sample senoritas, still gazing in awe at the 5-kilogram buckets of ketchup, and trying to see what else is sold in pouches here in Peru, when I find myself in the beverage aisle transfixed by a television screen.

In a beautiful bow to advertising to a captive audience, our local grocery store has placed TV screens around its aisles so that it may show commercials concerning the products on sale. As I was in the soda (or “pop” for those of you reading on the eastern side of the Mississippi River) section, it was no surprise that I was viewing an ad (or “advert” for those you reading on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean) for Coca-Cola.

This commercial is playing off the fact that Copa Sudamericana, a soccer tournament, was just starting.

The commercial shows a group of Peruvian fans who have travelled to Argentina to see their team play. Upon arriving at the stadium, they are chagrined to see that all the tickets for visitors have been sold out. Undaunted, the hero of our 30-second story zips up his jacket to hide the red-and-white colors of Peru and he marches off to buy a “home team” ticket.

The next shot shows him in the midst of a sea of blue-and-white Argentinian fans. Our protagonist looks left and right and sees nothing but large, burly, and unruly fans that would make the fans of the Oakland Raiders blush.

When his beloved Peru scores, we see quick shots of people at home and at work cheering their heads off, but our main character must remain silent lest he blow his cover. However, the struggle to keep his cool is lost and he explodes with a shout of “GOOOOOOLLLL”.

How will he save himself now that the home-town fans are on to him?

You know what? Instead of my words, why not let the commercial speak for itself. You can watch it here.

What I enjoy about this commercial is that even though I don’t speak Spanish, I can still appreciate the humor in it.

In finding that commercial on YouTube, I came across this interesting bit of cultural humor. In the Peru version, as mentioned above, the brutish fans are Argentinian. That country also provides the hooliganish fan in both the versions shown in Uruguay and Chile.

So, who plays the villain in the Argentinian version of the commercial? Click here to find out.

Of course, it’s easy to be jealous of a country that has won the World Cup five times.

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