None of These Things is Quite Like Another

Day 013 – August 4, 2011

I’m not sure what the phrase would be in Spanish (and sure, I could go to Google Translate to find out but where’s the fun in that) and even if they had one, they wouldn’t use it here in Lima because to my (limited) knowledge, there does not appear to be anything remotely resembling a “planned community“.

Homes are like snowflakes here in the City of Kings in that no two are alike.

At a recent dinner party two nights ago I was having a conversation with a fellow attendee. When I commented on the uniqueness of each abode, he said this gives everybody the chance to be a designer and create their own house.

That philosophy would be a marked difference from the United States where whole communities are built by developers on huge tracts of land (fans of Monty Python and the Holy Grail are having a snicker right now) and then prospective buyers are able to choose between four or five models with names like Winston, the Albacore, the Hedgemont, and the Cranston-Duvey. The only customization that happens is on the inside where the future home owner can choose what carpet is laid down, what type of cabinetry is installed, and if the basement is finished or not.

Yes, I’m generalizing here, but it’s for a purpose.

From the newspaper, this is an example of one house in my neighborhood.

Picture of home in La Molina

Hip to be Square

Looks fairly modern with all of its angles and clean lines. I’m sure an architect out in cyberspace would be able to tell me what style this house is. My point here is that in this same neighborhood, sits this house…

Picture of house in Lima

Casa Numero Uno

Notice this structure has a typical Spanish tile roof which makes it quite unlike the home in the first picture. On the same street as the above home, there is this pair…

Picture of house in Lima

Casa Numero Dos

Picture of house in Lima

Casa Numero Tres

The diversity goes on and on.

Everybody’s a designer. I think that speaks volumes about the level of creativity, individuality, and sense of form in this here country.

End Note: Courtesy of the title of this post, I now can’t remove this song from my head. Click, if you dare, and share my earworm.

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