Day 014 Randomocity

Day 014 – August 5, 2011

Random Observations

The Bunny Mascot
I guess company mascots do not transcend borders.

At the checkout counter of our local grocery store, I glanced at the impulse item selections and saw a rack of batteries. At first, I thought I was looking at Energizer batteries because the mascot on the package was a pink bunny.

However, this rabbit was neither wearing sunglasses nor wielding a drum.

Turns out Duracell here in Peru uses a pink bunny as its mascot (click here to see a commercial featuring it).

It’s just these types of moments of cultural dissonances that keeps me going and going and going

Them Also Read Books in Spanish
After my visit to the grocery store, I stopped by the nearby bookstore to windowshop. My poor language skills prevent me from buying anything inside this store, but I was curious to see what is popular in a suburban Lima business of reading.

One title caught my eye (and thankfully gave it back). The book was called El Imperio Invisible written by Daniel Estulin.

The title translates as “The Invisible Empire” and in my best Spanish, the subtitle says this book is “The authoritative (or “official”?) conspiracy of the shadow world government”.

Estulin is also the author of a book about The Bilderburg Group, a meeting of global movers and shakers that is a lightning rod with conspiracy theorists because their meetings are closed to the public. Think of Bilderburg as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, but without the red carpet.

I know of the Bilderburg Group because it was wonderfully discredited as the group that runs everything by the book Them: Adventures With Extremists by Jon Ronson. An entertaining read.

It made me smile to think that the tin-foil hat mentality is not confined to the English-speaking world.

And with that Day 014 (and Week 2) was finished.


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