Day 015 Randomocity

Day 015 – August 6, 2011

Random Observations

My Phone Learns Spanish
For the past two weeks, we have had the phone we used in the States plugged into the Lima telecommunication system. Back in Virginia, we liked these phones because it had Caller ID, which is a wonderful way to weed out telemarketers and opinion poll takers.

For the past two weeks, we had been without this feature but it was not that much of a disadvantage because telemarketers do not (knock on wood…not yet) call us. We also thought that perhaps Peru does not offer this service.

Today, our Caller ID starting working. Not sure why this feature has kicked in fifteen days later but we were jarred awake this morning when our phone rang and the voice that goes along with our Caller ID starting in its sing-song female voice, “Call from…nine…nine…one…zero…zero…”

Turns out it was a wrong number. Happens here too.

Yet No Space For the Dreamer or the Forger
Outside our local grocery store, instead of a cornerstone, I found this…

Cornerstone of shopping center in La Molina, Peru

Etched in Stone

As I’ve written before, this is a country that likes its architects and this cornerstone inscription seems to bear that out.

It’s Over
I had written earlier about Peru’s La Semana de Bandera, which is the time when all Peruvians fly their nation’s flag. In that posting, I had wondered when the red and white banners would start coming down.

Today was that day as my neighbor’s flag was put away a week after Peru’s independence days holiday.

Just A Reminder
Seems like a good place as any to leave this reminder that I have another blog space, Periodically, Peru, where I attempt to learn all that I can about this country through newspapers.

And with that, Day 015 was finished


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