Machu Picchu Money Shot

Day 157 – December 26, 2011

I’ll post more photos and a more detailed itinerary later, but I wanted to put these photos up quickly.

Over the weekend the family and I, along with my sister-in-law, made the trek to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and to Machu Picchu. I took this shot because I could…

Back of 10 soles bill and Machu Picchu

The designers did a good job capturing the site

It’s my Peruvian version of going to the Lincoln Memorial and taking a photograph of it with a five-dollar bill in the frame.

Okay, so here’s the photo that everybody takes…

Iconic photo of Machu Picchu

The shot

Now while the above photo is the iconic snap that you’ve seen dozens of times, this post will show you a first. Below is what you see when you turn yourself 180-degrees from the classic view…

View from Machu Picchu's Guardhouse looking the other way

That's what's behind every photographer taking the iconic Machu Picchu shot

…and now you know.


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  1. People always ask how I ‘see’ unusual shots when I’m traveling and I tell them that it’s because when exploring people tend to look forward whereas I like to stop and look behind me or above me to see a different view. Sometimes it proves to be a lovely scenery or angle. However, in this case, I think looking behind the photographer wouldn’t fare too well in a photography contest. Jaja…thanks for sharing!

    • In that vein, the iconic photograph of the retirement ceremony for Babe Ruth is poweful precisely because it is taken from the non-conventional angle of being behind Ruth. It just shows how a different eye and angle can provide a photo with impact. The photographer, Nat Fein, would win the Pulitzer Prize for this photo.

      If the Pulitzer Committe would like to take a look at my “behind-the-scene” shot of Machu Picchu, they know where to find me.

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