Feliz Cumpleanos

Day 180 – January 18, 2012

We interrupt our ongoing serial about the travels of our author and hs family and sister-in-law to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu to bring you this announcement.

Happy Birthday, Lima !!!

‘Twas on this day in 1535 that Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founded the City of Kings.

I’m not sure what one buys as a gift for a city that is turning 477 today but if I had one wish for the city it would that one of its main soccer futbol teams, Alianza Lima, does well in this year’s Copa Libertadores tournament.

If I did have the means, the one gift I would buy the city would a state-of-the-art municipal water filtration system so that its citizens could enjoy fresh water direct from the tap without the need to boil it or to rely on bottled water for their hydration needs.

Hmmm…I wonder if I could create a Kickstarter project for that idea?

This concludes today’s birthday announcement. Thank you for your time.

We will soon return you to Fourth Day of Five – Machu Picchu.


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