Guess That Object 002

Day 102 – November 1, 2011

Time once again to play Guess That Object, where I show you a picture from my ramblings around Peru and you attempt to…guess that object.

I suppose the name of the game was a giveaway, huh?

On this fine holiday Tuesday, the family and I saw this item featured below. Can you Guess That Object?

Mystery Object in Peru

An early form of Frogger, perhaps

The answer is…oh, wait…maybe you need a larger picture to help you. Your wish is granted.

Sapo game in cultural restaurant in Peru

The frog is on the top

So now, here is your answer.

You are looking at a game called Sapo or The Frog Game.

The game is played between two players who each have a set to tokens, which are brass-looking circles that have some heft to them. Each player tosses their tokens attempting to land their pieces in the frog’s mouth, which has the maximum point value. Surrounding the frog are other holes which lead to lesser point values. Once all the tokens are thrown, the scores are tallied up.

Not quite sure if this is solely a Peruvian game, a South American pastime, a Latin American activity, or if this game is actually big in the States and I’ve simply missed it.

But, wait, I hear you say. Wasn’t today a Tuesday in November? Shouldn’t your children be in school?

Yes and no.

Today was indeed a Tuesday in November and on most other third days of the week, our lovable trio of progeny would be in their educational setting, but today was a holiday. Today was the day after Halloween and it was the holiday known as All Saints’ Day. When you live in predominantly Catholic country like we do now, this is a big enough holiday to let the kiddies out of class for.

So, with a free day, the family and I travelled to an area east of La Molina called Ceinaguilla. This district of Lima contains a street that is known for its roadside eateries and cultural restaurants. We spent the afternoon at Mesa de Piedra (which translates to “table of stone” and that makes sense because some the tables are slabs of stone), an establishment that served lunch (I had goat, but I was sorely tempted to try the cuy), had people doing traditional dances, a playground, ATVs, horseback riding, and ping-pong tables.

Plus, they had these deep-fried concoctions smothered in honey. Not a bad way to spend All Saints Day.

Dessert at Mesa de Piedra in Peru

It's fried and in an oozy sweet sauce! What more do you need to know?


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