Rainbow (Not So) Bright

Day 199 – February 6, 2012

For only the second time since arriving on the shores of Lima (okay, technically it was the “tarmac of Lima“, but that phrase has absolutely no ring to it), it rained.

Yes, actual droplets of water fell from the sky and landed helter-skelter atop the ground to lend its moisture to the desert upon which the City of Kings sits. The city’s dusty mountains, crazy drivers, and street performers all stood (I imagine) in awe at a true rarity of Nature in Lima.

Even Bert was able to enjoy the “deluge”.

As rare as the rain was, what it also produced may be more of a rarity down here.

While I’m sure rainbows are quite common wherever you are reading this (unless you’re in Peru also), I’m fathoming that this optical phenomenon is not often seen here. So, from our house, this is what we saw…

Rainbow over La Molina, Peru

Yes, you see it there in the upper left corner, don't you. It's...

Picture of rainbow over Lima, Peru

...a double rainbow (seriously, look closely) !

Picture of rainbow in Peru

Apparently there is a pot of gold of my neighbor's roof

And with that ROYGBIV vision in mind, I can only wonder at what tomorrow, Day 200 in our Peruvian adventure, will bring.


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  1. And the double rainbow goes VIBGYOR. No, actually the double rainbow goes ROYGBIV, and the main rainbow goes VIBGYOR. If you enumerate the colors from the outside to the inside, it is.

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