26 Across: Serendipity

Day 018 – August 9, 2011

Not necessarily a posting about life in Peru, life as a flanuer, or adventures in mangling the Spanish language, but I thought three interesting coincidences were fascinating enough to merit mentioning.

My lovely wife was informed in March of 2011 by her employer that her job would be taking us to the wonderful country of Peru. That same day, in the mail, the April 2011 edition of National Geographic arrived.

On its cover was a picture of Machu Picchu along with the main article entitled, “Genius of the Inca”.

In addition to being a long-time subscriber to the magazine with the yellow border, I also receive  GAMES magazine to satisfy my hunger for crossword puzzles. In the September 2011 edition, the last one I would receive in the United States, there were the following clues in a pair of crossword puzzles.

On page 41, in the three-star puzzle entitled “Block Party”, 107 Down had the clue of “Capital founded by Pizarro.”

Crop of crossword puzzle from GAMES magazine

Not the city in Ohio

Later, on page 57, in “The World’s Most Ornery Crossword”, 139 Down contained the clue of “Where Quechua is spoken”

Crop of crossword puzzle from GAMES magazine

Probably have 147 Down wrong

One destination.
Two magazines.
Three references.

All simple coincidences, but still interesting (to me, at least) all the same.

Not the first time that answers in a crossword puzzle have added up to one doozy of a coincidence, but that is a story for another webpage.


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  1. some may call it synchronicity! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I’ve enjoyed starting to track with your adventures. It’s fun and interesting to hear about the experiences one has upon first moving from another person’s point of view… I especially identify with “mangling the Spanish language.”

    • And thank you right back at you. As for my mangling, there are more tales to tell, even recent ones, despite being here over six months. There was the time I told someone that I was not interesting, but that’s a story for another day.

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