Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Day 200 – February 7, 2012

To celebrate the completion of my second set of hundred days in Peru, I decided to try something off my well-worn path.

Because I couldn’t do my first option, which was to hold a press conference to list off all of my accomplishments since taking up my position of being a house husband/writer, I went with Plan B and tried my hand at submitting something for WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge which on this week had the theme of Ready.

So here be my entry…

On this oddly cloudy summer Tuesday afternoon, the family and I took my visiting suegra (Spanish for “mother-in-law”) down to the Miraflores section of Lima to enjoy some shopping at the Inka Market and then to have some lunch at Larcomar, which is a mall overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

After our buffet offering a wide assortment of Peruvian cuisine at an establishment called Mangos, we walked around the mall to show off to our visitor the sights of surf and sol, but we were thwarted by the low clouds.

As I looked down on the beach, I saw the following group of people…

Players warming for soccer game

Getting Ready in Miraflores

…who were getting ready by stretching out and limbering up to play a spirited afternoon contest of pick-up soccer futbol.

Or they’re about to start a class…
Or they’re about to go on a 5K run…

Well, whatever they’re about to do, they’re getting ready for it.


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sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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  1. Looks like me in the morning getting ready to do P90X…

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