Surfing Mahaka

Day 193 – January 31, 2012

As it is summer in this half of the world, our children have been out of School since the end of December and it has been our task to figure out how to occupy their time. Given their druthers, they would whittle away their verano in front of screens (TV, iPod, PC)…and I can’t say I blame them one bit.

In the States, our summers had become easier and easier as we began to fall into a routine of signing them up for a Loudoun County summer activity camp, having them spend a week at a sleep-away camp, followed up by 10 days in California to visit my side of the family.

As this was our first summer in Peru, we had to scramble (and by “scramble”, I mean “ask every friend and acquaintance we had acquired in Lima”) to find out what to do with the kids.

We did find activities and camps for the children and while screen time was not cut to zero, it was significantly reduced.

One of the summertime activities our two boys became involved in was surfing. Down on the beaches of Miraflores, there are several surfing outfits that set up tents and canopies and offer lessons to anyone who wants to come down and paddle away on the waves for 90 minutes. On this particular Tuesday, we went to Mahaka Beach for our boys’ second attempt at hanging ten. The day of surfing started out gray, but as it wrapped it up, the sun poked its way through the clouds to make a lovely exit as it dipped below the Pacific Ocean.

For only their second time on a board, I must say that they did well. I’m sorry that I can’t prove this fact to you photographically, because my two boys were far away in the surf and my camera does not have that strong a zoom, but here are my attempts to show you my children’s attempts at shooting the curls…

Child surfing in Lima, Peru

A classic move in the vein of Duke Kahanamoku

Child surfing in Pacific Ocean

Moondoggie himself would be proud

While the children were out channeling their inner Kahuna, I strolled around the beach and snapped some other photos, like this one…

Statue and restaurant in Lima, Peru

Statue left there on porpoise

There was a plaque adorning this statue of a dolphin, but I could not fathom what it said, so I will make something up and say that this monument is an homage to this mammal that helps the Peruvian fisherman find the best places where the fish are so that he may earn his keep.

The building in the background to the right is a restaurant called Rosa Nautica and it is a landmark here in Lima. Situated at the end of a pier, this eating establishment offers an amazing view of the ocean while dining.

As the day was winding down, I caught this image that looks, to me, like it could be anywhere such as Newport Beach, the North Shore, or anywhere else where guys and gals have spent a good day riding the waves.

Sunset and surfers in Lima, Peru

Endless Summer - Lima 2012

May the waves be good tomorrow and the day after that.


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