Bring On Da Noise

Day 208 – February 15, 2012

The possibility of trouble brewing over this upcoming weekend is building – literally.

One of our next door neighbors is having scaffolding erected in their backyard.

Scaffolding being built in neighbor's yard

Insert Tab "A" into Slot "Z"

Scaffolding being built in neighbor's yard

For all your scaffolding needs...

Scaffolding being built in neighbor's yard

...and they do quinceaneras, also.

Outside our house is a large truck with men scurrying back and forth and going up and down this growing structure. We have seen such an edifice going up before in our neighborhood and it usually means one thing.

A fiesta.

More than likely, this will be one of those parties that keep us awake at night, similar to what happened on our first night in Lima (as previously read on Sin Polaris).

Scaffolding means lights. Lights means music. Music means dancing. All of which adds up a great heap of decibel-ness known un-scientifically as noise.

It’s Wednesday as I write this which means the skeleton of the structure will be completed Thursday and fully decorated on Friday in time for the evening festivities most likely slated for the 17th.

Well, sleeping in on Saturday is so overrated anyway.


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