Thump Thump Thump All The Way Home

Day 215 – February 22, 2012

The long Southern Hemisphere Summer Vacation that started at the end of December for our trio of progeny is nearing its end. School starts up soon and I could not be happier to see my offspring back on a normal schedule.

To occupy our children’s time during this break from their School, we had them sign up for activities that were sponsored and hosted by the agricultural university near our neighborhood. It wasn’t the Parks and Recreation Department from our county in northern Virginia, but it did the job quite well.

This post is not to bore you with all the cute things my children did and made during their various classes (maybe later though), but I only wanted to share with you an incident that was new for my city eyes.

Since this locale of higher learning that I took my children to was centered around agriculture, there was a farmer’s market on the grounds where people could go and buy local produce. For security reasons, all folk who left the university by auto had to have their trunks inspected to ensure that the items on their receipt were the items in their car and not a leaf or husk more. It reminded me of a combination of the agricultural checkpoint that exists on the California-Nevada border that was placed there to keep the local flora and fauna safe from invasive species and the guy at Costco who circles your receipt as you leave the store.

Today, as I was leaving the university to take my children home, I was behind a taxi at the exit and, as expected, the security officer moved around the back of the hack’s car. The trunk was popped and inside the boot (as the British are fond of calling the trunk) was…

…a complete, whole, and utterly dead pig with a gash down its stomach from stem to stern.

As a throughly urbanized man, I was quite surprised to the carcass of an animal residing in the back of a car.

I was amazed at the breadth of products one can buy at our local agri-university.

I pondered if a dead pig has a stench to it and how long it would take the cab driver to remove it.

All in all, I felt like I was following a car making a delivery to the crew of Mythbusters.

Disclaimer: Sadly, one animal, of type Sus scrofa, was harmed for the making of this blog post.


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