Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Day 213 – February 20, 2012

This week’s photo challenge from WordPress has the theme of distorted.

First, the photo…

Yagua dancers in Peruvian Amazon jungle

Dancers in a dream

Over this weekend, as Summer Vacation here in the Southern Hemisphere was winding down, the family and I took a mini-vacation to the town of Iquitos, which is located in the Peruvian section of the Amazon jungle.

On our third day, our guide took us to a village populated by members of the Yagua people.

When we arrived, we were escorted into a structure that was explained to us to be a communal house.

Then, the villagers came in and performed two dances. The first dance, the one pictured above, was called the “Dance of Bliss”.

I obtained the effect for this picture by turning off the flash and keeping the camera as still as possible while the aperture remained open for a few seconds to compensate for the low light.


About sinpolaris

Xavier Humes is the psuedonym of an American living in Bangkok, Thailand, with his wife and family. That's about all's ya need to know concerning me...except to enjoy the posts.

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  1. It makes me think of the Ghost Dance religion that would lead to Wounded Knee.

  2. That looks cool! Sounds like a great trip too!

  3. I absolutely love this photo. Very well done! It definitely does feel like a dream, or dancing ghosts! LOVE!

    • Thanks for the comment. I really wish I could take credit for being a fantastic photographer, but this snap was completely by accident because I forgot to set the flash on.

  4. Amazing! Such an interesting entry.

    • Thanks. What I think also makes the photo interesting is that with all motion, there is an isle of non-distortion in the center in the figures of the family. It just shows how transfixed we all were by the dance.

  5. Looks like a trance dance!

    • As it is called the “Dance of Bliss” and the basic premise of the dance is that the participants walk round and round (and round again) to a persistent beat, I would agree with your description.

  6. Absolutely wonderful

  7. Wonderfully distorted! …and a little eerie lol

  8. I think this is so pretty and dreamy!

  9. Really excellent photography! I’m really envious!

  10. Really magical – and ghostly!

  11. as usual…you photo is always great..like it

  12. Great capture…yes, I think they are ghost dancing…or, at least you could probably sell half the Ghost Adventure/Hunter TV show followers that’s what they are.

    • The only thing keeping any true devotee of Ghost Hunters from believing my photo contains actual ghosts is the fact that I did not shoot it using night-visioni goggles. It’s that green hazy look that apparitions like.

  13. Great effect! I like how their feet are just visible, almost ghostly.

  14. on seeing this images, i wonder this is how ghost will look when shown on history channel🙂
    nice distorted images


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