The Importance of Ply

Day 004 – July 26, 2011

One of the first things that needed to be done upon landing in the City of Kings was to make our way to a local grocery store and buy provisions.

One of those necessities were napkins.

However, we learned a lesson today that not all napkins are created equal and that one (read “me”) really needs to look carefully when purchasing any item in a store in a new country.

Here’s what I bought today…

Single-ply napkin bought in Peru

The tagline, "The napkin you can see through", has never caught on.

…one thousand single-ply napkins.

I’ve since learned three things after this purchase.

Uno) “Simples” in Spanish means single-ply
Dos) It takes about five of these “simples” napkins to clean up a small spill.
Tres) We checked and double-checked the packaging before we committed to buying our toilet paper.


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  1. Just when you think you have the simple and economical solution, you need to use so many it is no longer simple or economical.

    • We didn’t realize they were one-ply napkins when we bought them. Coming from the States, we thought napkins were napkins. We knew you actually had to look at the label to see what you were getting.

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