Gone Loopy

Day 239 – March 17, 2012

As I may or may not have mentioned in these electronic pages, I am taking the time offered to me by not working by writing.

In addition to this blog, I have a series of short stories that I am working on.

One of the websites I have been using to have some of my work published is Yahoo! Voices. I like this site because the work that I submit is reviewed by an editor. This gives me the opportunity to have another pair of eyes look over my work, which is always beneficial.

Some of my scribblings have been accepted and some have been rejected. When my work is rejected, there is always a helpful explanation as to how the writing can be improved. With this criticism, I have resubmitted work and have had it posted to their website.

However, my latest contribution was my attempt at what is called flash fiction. This is a type of literature that highlights brevity and strives to be as short as possible. Sadly, my work, a tiny piece of science fiction, was rejected. In the helpful explanatory text, the editor wrote that it appeared that part of my text was missing.

Now, a problem with creating art is that the message the artist is trying to convey may be not understood by the reader, listener, or viewer. When this miscommunication happens, does the fault lie with the creator of the recipient?

An interesting question that I put to the test here.

What follows below is the complete text of my flash fiction story, “Gone Loopy”. I can assure you that no text is missing and that the words below are exactly what I wanted to see published.

Gone Loopy or When Seconds Matter

I don’t think that worked at all, he thought to himself.

He rechecked the dials and verified that Time Flow was set to “Reverse”, the Digits counter was showing “5”, and that the Units displayed “Hours”.

Well here goes, he thought.

As his hand reached for the activation button, a flash of light outside the window distracted him and he accidentally modified the Units readout from “Hours” to “Seconds”. His flailing hand then found the correct target and the time machine sprang to life.

I don’t think that worked at all, he thought to himself.

So…do you understand the trick of this story or was I being too clever by half?


About sinpolaris

sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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  1. LOL! *I* get it…but then I’m loopy anyway.
    I think this is clever. Very clever. 🙂 But maybe I’m biased cos I know the author…

  2. It’s perfect! Even the title. Submit it somewhere else!

  3. Maybe you are too fast for the reader/reviewer

  4. I was pretty sure I “got it” the first time around. Re-read it and confirmed. Fault is with the reader in this case.

    Unless the confusion lies in the use of the phrase “correct target” instead of “activation button” or something like that. Perhaps the term “correct target” was read as having corrected the mistake from hours to seconds?

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