Feliz Otoño

Day 242 – March 20, 2012

It’s autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and for the first time since late December of 2010, I will be able to experience the season that is so splendid, it goes by two names.

For a recap of why I missed fall (and to once again read a truly horrific pun), you can warp on back to this previous entry of mine.

Back in the old homestead of Virginia, when the autumnal equinox would roll around, it was always a delight to see the leaves turn colors.

Here in Peru, it is no different, as in honor of the change of seasons, the palm trees outside our home are modifying their hues and shedding their foliage.

Palm Tree

The flora celebrates

Then again, that chromatic change at the bottom of the palm’s “greenery” could be due to all the exhaust pollution caused by the plethora of autos (cars, taxis, combis, etc.)in the area.

Either way, Happy Equinox to y’all.

Final Note
: The whole balancing-an-egg-on-the-equinox thing is a myth. A tip of the hat for that information goes to Snopes.com.


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