Day 245 – March 23, 2012

Back home, the cherry blossoms have reached their peak bloom date. The National Mall and Tidal Basin around the District of Columbia are awash in pink and white and the fragrance of those blossoms greet the throngs of tourists that I and my family would brave every Spring to catch our own glimpse of this magnificent springtime flora.

Before moving to Peru, one of the strategies I was given to combat culture shock was that instead of focusing on what I would be missing in my ne location, I should look for items that could serve as substitutes.

I could pine away for the fact that my favorite brand of ice cream (or really any type of ice cream) is not available in our local stores. However, I have simply moved to discover all the wonderful cold confections (i.e., chocolate-covered cream bars, etc.) that are available from the yellow D’onofrio tricycles that are everywhere.

Donofrio ice cream vending tricycle

You can't fall over without hitting one of these folk

With that concept in mind, I turn from the cherry blossoms a hemisphere away and take a moment to pause and enjoy the bougainvillea flowering in our backyard.


Bougainvillea #1


Bougainvillea #2


More bougainvillea

Of course, there is one downside to having bougainvillea residing in such a high place.

That would be the shedding.

Bougainvillea leaves

What would work better? Vacuum cleaner or lawnmower?


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