School Daze

Stories that confirm for me that my children are no longer in the educational system of the United States.


Day 024 – August 15, 2011
My daughter came from school today and told us about the wonderful time she had at her educational setting.

Now, she wasn’t excited about her reading lessons, her studies in math, or any new activity she learned in P.E.

No, she was all a-flutter because one of her classmates had a birthday and the class had a party. That’s exciting enough, but what really threw her over the moon was the fact that the birthday child brought in cupcakes to share with the entire class.


The reason for her giddiness was because, for all of last year, when our children attended school in Loudoun County in Virginia, sweets for birthdays were banned.

Instead, to honor a child’s birthday, parents could make a donation to the school’s library in the kid’s name or they could pass out school supplies (i.e., erasers, rules, pencils) to the other members of the class.

All well and good, but it doesn’t beat the sweet taste of frosting.


Day 248 – March 26, 2012
At our dinner table, my lovely wife and I like to hear what our children did that day at school.

Our middle child regaled us with his adventures in his P.E. class. So, what made him so happy about this particular edition of today’s physical education class?

He was able to play dodgeball.

Now, I’m not talking about the watered-down version of this ball-throwing game that has made its way to various State-side schools, including Loudoun County. In our kids’ school in Virginia, they had rules such as a) the ball had to hit the ground before it could hit another player and b) a shot to the head was an immediate disqualification.

Our middle child was able to play the type of dodgeball that I grew up with, which meant there were no rules meant to minimize injuries. He recalled for us the glee he had in throwing the ball, catching the ball, and dodging the ball all with the new element of danger of possibly being hit by the maroon orb on the head with a direct throw.


Cupcakes and real dodgeball. Yes, children, we’re not in the States anymore.


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  1. I approve of the Peruvian educational system so far based on both of those factors.

    • Just so you don’t buy your plane ticket and enroll your little one in school here, it’s not all beer and skittles with the system of learning over here. There are some issues such as the different grading scale (1 through 7, not As and Fs) and the style of teaching. Perhaps for another post, though.

  2. I was so surprised when I learned that Dodge Ball was banned in many schools because of bullying. I grew up used to the no-holds-barred version, but everyone had an equal opportunity to be the one “chosen” to be targeted. If it was always the same person, we knew that we’d be in big trouble!

    As for cupcakes, it was a big no-no when my son was in grade school, because of “peanut allergies”. At the same time, the school cafeteria refused to enforce doctor’s orders that he not consume dairy products. They wouldn’t let him have milk, but to them ‘cheese’ was a protein and not a dairy.

    • The saddest stories I saw when doing research on the Net was that the game of tag was banned in some places (but the people are rising up and fighting back []).

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