Day 271 – April 18, 2012

…Let the waters under the heavens be gathered unto one place,…” -Genesis 1:9

The above quote is brought to you by the literary device known as foreshadowing.

This late morning, on this fine Wednesday (the 56th anniversary of the civil ceremony wedding between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly…my nominee for the most beautiful woman to ever grace the silver screen), I arrived back home after a trip to a local park to enjoy the sunshine and to attempt to take pictures for this here bloggy-thing.

I entered the house through a side door that leads into our laundry room. As my feet crossed the threshold and fell upon the hard floor, I heard a squish sound. Not the typical aural greeting I expect to hear, but as this was the laundry room, my mind leapt to the conclusion that some water had been spilled from the sink or that a particularly wet batch of clothes had deposited their excess moisture on the floor as our empleada, Ethel, moved it to the dryer.

No worries, I thought. I continued to walk into the hallway adjoining the laundry room and kitchen yet the squish sound persisted in following me.

Squish. Squish. Squish. All the way into the kitchen where I was greeted with this sight…

Wet kitchen floor

A floor so clean, I can see a reflection in it.

Running back to the laundry room, I turned off the washing machine which was the culprit of the mini-deluge (the same troublesome appliance that has the temperature dial reversed).

Washing machine and hose

Bad hose...bad hose

In the picture above, the black hose that was the real guilty party is back in its place. This piece of tubing draws water out of the washing machine and empties it down a drain. For whatever reason, the hose slipped free, fell to the ground, and began discharging H2O (also known as the extremely dangerous dihydrogen monoxide) all over the floor.

At the end of this watery adventure, I was glad and grateful for two things:

00000001) There is not a lick of carpeting on the level of our house that contains the laundry room. Cleaning up a flood on a hard tile floor is one thing, but quite another (overturned) kettle of fish when carpet is involved (and by “involved”, I mean mold and its accompanying odor).

00000010) We have an empleada.

Empleada cleaning up flood

She has a giant squeegee and knows how to use it

In just under ten minutes, she and Blue Bart (my completely on-the-spot made-up name for the squeegee) had corralled and pushed all the water out the door and onto our side patio.

Much quicker and much better than I ever could have done.

Now I simply need to find a way to keep the hose from wandering again.

…and the hose remained in its tube and he saw that it was good.” -Book of Xavier 11:28


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