Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Day 158 – December 27, 2011

Sun is the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge from WordPress.

This post is an experiment in compare-and-contrast with photography.

The shot below was taken at the Incan ruins of Saqsaywaman, which is located right outside of Cusco. The family and I, along with our visiting sister-in-law were in the area to visit Machu Picchu. More details on that day of our trip can be read here.

While touring the ruins, I came to a stone archway and as I looked up, I saw that there was a gap in the two blocks that formed the lintel. I positioned myself in just such a way so that I could capture the sun coming through that gap and here was the result.

Rays of sun through stone archway lintel

Sun through Stone in Saqsaywaman

When I stepped a wee bit to the left or moved the camera a smidge (a precise unit of measurement equal to 4 whits) to the right, this is what I saw.

Stone lintel in Saqsaywaman

Stone lintel in Saqsaywaman

Funny how a change in perspective can really change everything.


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  1. It’s usually the wee bit and the smidge that I think I need to do that gave me few options in my archives for this challenge. Can’t wait to see the sun again and try some intentional shots with the sun. Not to complain, but after six weeks of June-like weather, it seems as if we’re back in early Match: grey, cold and dreary.

    You’re shots are great. Nice to see the difference.

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