Before Our Eyes Before Your Eyes

Day 281 – April 28, 2012

This Saturday saw my oldest son and I engage in an activity that cannot be done in the United States until Friday, May 4.

For whatever reason known only to Paramount Pictures, the motion picture of the Marvel Comics superhero team-up, The Avengers, was released internationally, including here in Peru, a week before its premiere in the United States.

I don’t know why Paramount did this, but I am not complaining in the least.

It was a rare privilege to be able to see something before folks in the States could.

Marketed in Peru as Los Vengadores, we saw this movie with sub-titles so that I would be able to follow all the dialogue. We also saw the film in 3-D. Now, when watching movies in the third dimension in the States with those quirky glasses, the admission usually involves an installment plan. However, here in Peru, the cost for the movie was only S/. 25, which comes out to about $9.50. Not that bad a deal.

Likewise, a bucket of popcorn and a mega-size 54-ounce cup of soda sold for S/. 20 ($7.60).

The prices were not the only things that made this cinematic experience different from that in the States. Given that The Avengers has been anticipated for some time and has been in the news for weeks before its release (yes, even here), we arrived at the theater long before the start time so that we could beat the crowd. We certainly didn’t want our movie to be sold out. I was expecting long lines that normally accompany a blockbuster movie.

We need not have worried.

I am not the first to make note that Peru does not necessarily have a culture of waiting in line for movies (although Peruvians will wait in line for other things), but again I am not complaining over this lack of crowds.

When we arrived at the theater, it was one fluid motion from buying the tickets, purchasing the snacks, grabbing our glasses, and being the first ones in the theater. All in all, for a Saturday afternoon viewing of The Avengers, the theater was half-full.

Not that I am complaining in the least.

As for a review for the movie, I will hold off on that. As much as I would love to critique the movie, I don’t think it’s fair for me to talk about a cinematic event before you Stateside folk have had the chance to see it. We can talk next week and trade notes if you’d like.

However, I will offer this: this prediction by the webcomic Gutters will probably be on the mark.


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