Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Day 016 – August 7, 2011

Unfocused” is the word of the day and the theme from WordPress for their weekly photo challenge.

It’s quite an interesting gauntlet to throw down. The advent of digital photography allows shutterbugs to see at that exact moment how their shots came out. If the photo is not framed correctly, if your middle child blinked when you said “Cheese!”, or if the entire shot is out of focus, one can simply delete the unwanted photo.

With the above said, I do have this photo…

Statue and paraglider in Miraflores, Peru

Do not adjust your monitor

This is a picture taken from a car as the family and I took our first trip down the Malecon, a road in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru, that is renown for its walking path and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

We were passing by Parque de Amor and its iconic statue, El Beso (The Kiss). A clearer picture of this lovely piece of art can be seen in an earlier post of mine. I was also attempting to capture in the same frame one of the many paragliders who were floating around the Malecon.

I managed to do that, but the autofocus on my camera latched on to the window of the car that I was in.

My other excuse was that I was still not feeling in tip-top shape because this drive took place after “The Rocoto Incident“.


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