Bad Pun Alert

Warning: People with low groan tolerance, people who faint at the sight of puns, and those operating heavy machinery should seek medical advice before reading this post.

Day 206 – February 13, 2012

During the summer months down here in the Southern Hemisphere, we signed up our three children to attend activities so they would have something to do other than stare at screens all day. The agricultural university near where we live sponsored some of these activities. Once our kids were registered, to prove to their teachers that they were indeed enrolled in those classes, each of our children were given a piece of identification that had their picture on it along with the class they were attending. This piece of paper goes by the proper name of “carnet”, which is pronounced car-neigh.

Our oldest signed up for soccer futbol, where he likes being a goalie. He always gave his soccer carnet to his coach before practice started.

Our middle child signed up for aerobics. Sometimes the instructor would forget about the aerobics carnet but there were only six people in the class (and he was the only boy).

As for our youngest, she signed up for drawing and painting and sculpting.

I always refered to her piece of identification as “Ed Norton“.

Why? Because her piece of paper was an “Art Carnet”.

Trust me…when you pronounce it, it’s a riot.


Day 272 – April 18, 2012

I’m taking a Spanish class and while I am struggling with conjugating irregular verbs in the past tense, the difference between por and para, and understanding certain expressions, I still find the time for humor.

During this class, we were learning about the expressions used to convey events happening once or multiple times. To start off this exercise, our teacher quizzed the three of us in her class about what we already knew. She would give us a phrase in English and ask us if we knew the Spanish equivalent. Our teacher turned to the first student in the class and asked, “How do you say ‘Once’?”

My classmate replied, “Una vez.”

Turning to my other classmate, she asked, “Twice?”

He replied, “Dos veces.”

Facing me, she asked, “Three times?”

Cracking a small smile, I said, “A lady.”

(Thank you. Thank you. You’re too kind. I’m there twice a week.)


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