Saludable Carretera

Various Dates – 2011, 2012

In a previous posting, I mentioned that the neighborhood where I live has a weekly event where the officials close down a major thoroughfare to auto traffic so that the citizens may enjoy walking, biking, and rolling without cars.

Called “Saludable Carretera” (or “healthy road” in English), the eastbound side of Av. Raul Ferrero becomes a haven for all sorts of healthy activities.

What follows are photographs I have taken over the 280+ days we have been in Peru and enjoying our Sunday strolls.

Powerade station

Liquid refreshment for free

Vendors, never missing an opportunity to place their logo, name, and business out in front of people set up stalls, kiosks, and tents to display their wares. Above is one of the two Powerade stations that dot the street. Women in Powerade outfits, similar to those who walk the supermarket aisles, hand out cups of multi-colored Powerade and water. Other businesses along the asphalt include bicycles and Rollerblades for rent, pet care products, and children’s toys.


Main stage at Saludable Carretera

Near the halfway point of the closed road is a stage where a variety of activities take place. Above is a lesson being given on an iconic form of Peruvian dance called marinera. This dance is traditionally performed by men with women so I’m not sure where all the men are during this educational session.

Probably at the Powerade station.

Chess players

In Spanish, this game is called “ajedrez”

There is a tent set up for chess players to practice their skills. Next to futbol (soccer) and voley (volleyball), chess is growing in popularity in Peru. Probably doesn’t hurt that tykes in Lima and other Peruvian cities can see kids their own ages winning championships and appearing on TV. The latest examples are Jose Martinez Alcantara and Deysi Cori.

Oh, and appearing with the President of Peru also.

Children's toys kiosk

Hey, kids, go play out in the road!

This bus parks on the closed road and its volunteers lay out all the toys for kids to play with. Inside the bus is more fun stuff for the little ones to play with.


Artists at Work

There is a stand where kids can paint. In this example above, an outfit had brought along pre-made ceramic dolphins, octopi, and fish. Children were assisted (if need be) with the painting process or were allowed to let their colorful imagination run wild (an orange dolphin…why not?)

On this street, when the weather is not hot, you can also see dogs in sweaters.

All in all, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Strollers down Raul Ferrero

Sunday Afternoon on the Pedestrian Island of Raul Ferrero


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