Photo Friday: Detailed

Day 118 – November 17, 2011

Photo Friday unveiled their theme for their photo challenge this week and it is “detailed“.

To answer this challenge, I offer up one of the activities I have been doing to help me acquire a flavor for Peru, my new country of residence.

I try all sorts of candy.

Yeah, it’s a rough job.

Even here in Peru, the grocery stores that I frequent have those displays by the checkout counter full of impulse items. So while I am waiting for my camotes, leche, y verduras to be scanned I have plenty of time to scan all the sweet, chocolate-y goodness on display.

For today, I bought a candy by the name of Cañonazo by the company Costa.

Peuvian candy


This confection, shaped like a log, has a sweet caramel-ish center surrounded by an airy cakey (almost like Rice Krispies) substance all covered in chocolate and something that could be also be akin to Rice Krispies (or not).

My apologies, the picture may be “detailed”, but my description is not.

Either way, it’s a delicious candy with sweet and crunchy overtones.


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