An Amazing Display

Day 287 – May 4, 2012

At the stoplights of Lima, while one is sitting at a red light, there is no shortage of on-street entertainment. For the hope of a few nuevo soles, these performers show off their skills for the seventy to ninety seconds they have while the light stays red.

At these intersections, I have seen break dancers, kids doing gymnastic leaps and backflips, dancers with knives, and mimes just to name a few.

I have even seen (and feel free to curse me for not having my camera at that moment) in the San Borja district (at the corner of Angamos Este and Valesco Astete for those who wish to see for themselves), a gentleman performing a robot dance routine as he was completely decked out in a homemade Iron Man outfit complete with a glowing “power pack” in the chestplate.

However, the grand prize for the most amazing display I have witnessed goes to a woman I saw on the avenue of El Polo. She was juggling a trio of tennis balls all with the right hand.

The reason she wasn’t using her left hand during this performance was because it was busy clutching a plastic bag of candies that she would sell to drivers.

The reason she was clutching the bag and not merely holding it was because her left arm was otherwise occupied with the task of holding a small child.

To recap the visual imagery, this woman was walking backwards and forwards down a busy thoroughfare juggling three balls with one hand, selling candies, and holding a small child in her other arm.

The light turned green and the cars behind me starting their honking din before I had a chance to offer my monetary appreciation for this amazing display, but I will be ready next time my travels take me down El Polo.


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