Now She Only Needs a Pipe and a Rubber Hose

Day 295 – May 12, 2012

Ah…the School Carnival!

Such fond memories of water dunk tanks, cake walks, and goldfish in plastic bags. Of course this was back in the 1970s, so your memories may vary.

For my children, attending school in Peru, these memories will not exist because the Carnival that took place at my children’s School on this Saturday was a tad different.

Sadly, my camera did not make the journey with me so I will have to rely on the written word to describe the spectacle that was the Carnival.

For starters, the event took up two football-sized fields. The first field housed the colossal main stage where three large video screens showcased the performers to the people seated in the back rows. This stage is where the dancers, musicians, and student talent show took place. This contraption was provided free of charge courtesy of Movistar, a local telecommunications company. I knew of their sponsorship because of the huge banners festooned around the main stage.

Ringing this first field were the food stands where one could buy Bembos hamburgers, Korean food, and Japanese sushi…just to name a few.

The second field is where the rides were. There were go-carts, large plastic bubbles that you can enter and walk on water, foam jousting, large spinning rides, and another stage where entertainers performed children’s shows. There were also dozens of booths set up by local organizations and charities handing out literature regarding their causes.

Then there were the games. All manner of contests were here on the second field. Kids could throw balls in cups, throw balls at bottles, pick the duck out of the pond, or toss bean bags into milk jugs.

That last event is what my youngest child did at one point in the day. She came skipping back to my lovely wife and me (skipping, of course, is the mandatory mode of transportation for a girl in her single digits of age) and she proudly showed off her latest winning, which you can see below…

Syringe and lighter

What does your school give away for prizes?

Yes, you are seeing that right. A pair of prizes given out by the organizers of one of the booths of our School’s Carnival was a lighter and a plastic syringe.

Strangely enough, our daughter’s memory failed her as we asked her where she picked up such an intriguing pair of prizes so we were unable to complain to the correct booth directly.

At least, the lighter had been drained of its flammable liquid.

Because, you know, safety first.


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  1. You’ve got it all wrong. “Pyromaniac healthcare professional” is a popular playacting theme with all the kids these days. Clearly that’s what they were going for.

    • You may be correct. I do believe I saw that Halloween costume for sale in a catalog last year. It was right next to the Invisible Pedestiran costume.

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