Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Day 184 – January 22, 2012

Summer” is the theme for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress.

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere part of the globe, the 2012 edition of summer has come and gone only to be replaced – at least here in Lima – with the grey and gloom that is fall and winter.

However, this photo challenge gives me the opportunity to relive those hazy, crazy days of verano when our children were out of school. On this particular Sunday, my lovely wife and I told our kids to stop lounging around the house looking at screens and go outside and play.

We had recently bought a new sprinkler to help with the chore of watering of the lawn and our middle child decided to have some fun with it.

Child playing in sprinkler

Ah, the refreshments of summer

All of our kids took part in the watery fun that day. Yes, even the teenager dropped the sulky attitude for a day.

C’mon, it’s summer…who can be eternally sulky on a bright warm summer day when there’s a sprinkler simply begging to jumped through?


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  1. Wonderful fun summer image!

  2. Funny picture. Really picture a summer thing. Nice, like it.

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