Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Day 315 – June 1, 2012

A most interesting challenge from the creative minds at WordPress. The theme for this week’s photo challenge that they announced on this Friday was “today“.

Or, in their words…

…it’s about TODAY. This day. The day you’re reading and reacting to this post. No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone!

With a smart and quick salute, I offer…

My workspace

This is where the magic happens

…my workspace.

When I am attempting to flex my creativity, this desk is where I spend the bulk of my time.

The keyboard and monitor you see (and the PC which is out of the shot) comes courtesy of the last time I attended a Black Friday sale. Nearly three years ago, starting at 3am, I waited outside a big box electronic retail store in the cool November dark with hundreds of others who had been there far earlier than I had. Heck, there were tents outside the front doors. The wait was well worth it as this warhorse of silicon has been my trusty steed since 2009.

On the monitor, you can see the entry from WordPress documenting this challenge. You can also see a Microsoft Word document that contains my latest project that I hope to have ready for publication next month. (No promises)

On the desk is my favorite diversion while I am working and it is my iPod. My 8MB silver model (bought for me as a gift by my lovely wife) contains all the albums from my favorite musician – Sara Hickman – but what gets me through my day are the podcasts. Marketplace from American Public Media, The Nerdist, stories from National Public Radio, NPR’s Car Talk, NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and On the Media (just to name a few) all keep me connected to the world.

The pair of clay figures just below the monitor are a gift from my daughter. Creativity runs rampant in the young and I hope she never loses it.

The graph paper notebook in the left part of the screen is used to capture the notes and ideas of things and events that I see in Peru. Some of those items have found their way onto these electronic pages. What you see in this picture is the third notebook I have used for this purpose.

Underneath the notebook is a datebook that I bought here in Peru so it contains all the holidays that are celebrated in this country. For the year 2012, examples include April 5 and 6 for Semana Santa, May 1 is Dia del Trabajo, July 28 and 29 are Fiestas Patrias, and October 8 celebrates the Battle of Angamos.

The two desk calendars, helpfully portraying the first day of June thus proving that I took this picture in accordance with the rules put down by WordPress, are a gift from the family of my lovely wife’s sister. The one on the left tells me about what happened in sports history on this date. The one on the right offers inspirational slogans. Today’s entry comes courtesy of British actress Sybil Thorndike (1892 – 1976) and her quote is…

One should never be sorry one has attempted something new – never, never, never.

Excellent advice indeed.


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