Transit of Venus

Day 319 – June 5, 2012

I have done posts about astronomical subjects before (the Moon, the constellation Scorpius) so there should be no gasps when I write that I was eagerly awaiting the transit of Venus.

Before this event of the planet Venus passing in front of the Sun, I was glad to confirm (based on this map) that I would be able to view this once-in-a-lifetime event (actually, twice-in-a-lifetime for me since I was around for the last transit in June 2004) here in the City of Kings.

As the transit was set to commence around sunset in Lima, when the clock turned towards 5:30pm, I walked outside and this the view of the western sky that greeted me.

Clouds over La Molina, Peru

Down In Front!

I was mildly frustrated at the cloud cover obscuring my view, but then I remembered all those shmaltzy movies from my youth (and the occasional Richard Bach book) that taught the lesson that if I simply wished hard enough, my dreams could come true.

So I wished really hard.

Really hard.

And when nothing happened, I got off my duff and made it happen.

Here, for your viewing enjoyment is photographic proof that I was able to see Venus pass in front of the son.

Pun of Venus transit

A true once-in-a-lifetime event

(and this is where the groans are inserted)


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  1. Inserting groan here. And a chuckle. 😉

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