Day 028 Randomocity

Day 028 – August 19, 2011

Random Observations…from our local grocery store.

The Opening Bell

Part of my daily routine is to take a walk to our local grocery store and buy supplies. I like to arrive when the store opens – which is around eight in the morning. Yes, grocery stores here in our section of Lima are not open twenty-four hours, which is a revelation I posted about earlier.

I like to arrive when the store opens because this is the time when the all the fruits and vegetables in the produce section are in neat and tidy. The staff has definitely been and I like to admire their handiwork. When I have arrived later in the afternoon, bananas are mixed in with the watermelon, apples and pears are partying together, and it’s a helter-skelter hodgepodge.

The opening time is also, it appears in my limited sample size, when the store pipes in the music from 1980s, which I like.

Read For Meaning

During my shopping today, I was excited to see that there was 2-for-1 deal being offered for ice cream. The sign said the price was S/. 5.45 – which is a great deal for the frozen treat.

So I was surprised when my pair of ice cream containers went through the price scanners at the checkout and I was charged S/. 10.49.


Later, I went back and read the sign and it told all who could read for meaning (and the fine print) that this deal was like getting each quart of ice cream for S/. 5.45.

It’s bad enough having to read signs in a completely different language without having to decipher the tiny text after the asterisk.

Condiment Redux

Because I can, here is another picture of the four-kilogram buckets of ketchup and mustard. This product flabbergasts and amuses me.

Buckets of ketchup and mustard

The right side of the picture is in honor of Chick Hearn

Fantastic…a-ha is now playing over the store speaker system.


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